warmupsonthego is a provider of apps for iPad® geared toward singers.

What is the vee-VAH! app?

It’s an electronic accompanist for vocal warm-ups. Whether you are a singer who wants to start with the middle voice and proceed to placement, or you are a choir director tasked with easing many voices (and bodies!) from tension to readiness, the app operates the same:

  • press ‘Play’ to warmup to the exercises you selected last time, or
  • scroll through the exercises,
  • tap the ones you want,
  • press the exercise’s “definition” button, and then
  • press ‘Play.’

veeVAH starts with the easier exercises and proceeds to the more difficult ones.
To allow for breath support, it always inserts an 8-beat countdown between each exercise.

We strive for:

  • Ease-of-use, both in intuitive operation and in ability to offer feedback; and
  • Rich content. The same warmups, over and over, get repetitive.


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After I’ve selected the exercises I want, do they move?

It’s your warmup.  Only you know when you are ready to move from Exercise 1 to
Exercise 2.
The app will show you how much time you have remaining so you can pace yourself.
When you are ready to go on to the next one, swipe the visible cell (exercise) left or right and the app will scroll to the next cell (exercise).
If you want to devote extra time, then press PAUSE.

Can I add my own exercises?

As a stopgap, please feel free to email a screen shot of an exercise you would like.  We may include it in a subsequent release if (a) it is clearly public domain and (b) we feel that others would benefit from it.

Do you have a question for us?

Fill in the form to the right.  We will get back to you!!



Enhancements and fixes to known bugs as part of January 2015 release

White notes play and correctly change color when pressed; black notes play but do not change color.

Elapsed time does not display.